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It’s time... to Go PRO

It’s time…to Go PRO


and learn how to speak real, conversational French without Google Translate.

Today you decided that you’re going to learn French from zero, but you don’t know where to start.

Or maybe you just want to learn how to speak French because you get emails in French at work. You can read them and understand the gist, but you wanna be able to reply without Google Translate.

Or maybe you actually speak decent French. But you don’t have the vocabulary to read classic French novels like Les Misérables by Victor Hugo without spending half time looking up words in the dictionary.

Or maybe, you’re just determined to learn how to speak French because your bestie speaks French. And wouldn’t it be fun if you two could have conversations without anyone understanding what you’re talking about?

Whatever is your case, 
that's where Komaï comes in.

Our French Speaking Courses aren't for everyone

If you're looking for the easy route to learn French, our online courses aren't the best option for you. But if you're ready to put in a bit of effort each day, you'll be surprised by how much you can learn in record time.

One month French bootcamp Learn to speak French in record time with my 30-day conversational French online course.

4 reasons why you’ll love any of our online French courses

An intro to a fascinating cultural universe

Our french lessons are a cultural journey. Into the fascinating worlds of art, architecture, gastronomy, science or wine.

You'll speak conversational French in record time.

You'll learn practical tricks to improve your speaking and writing skills. If you follow my process, you'll learn more in one month than an entire year of traditional French classes.

You'll learn modern-spoken french.

You'll learn conversational French, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation 101. So you can sound french. But the way it's spoken by normal French people, not the boring textbook French you learn in high school.

Improve your French anytime, anywhere

You decide what teaching hours work best for you. And whatever your current level of French, you'll practice what you're learning in private, online, one-on-one or group lessons, with a native-speaking teacher. With me, Loredane Nolent.

Was it worth the effort?
See what my students are saying

Learning French is fun one minute (usually when you see progress), and painful the next.

But the journey will be rewarding.

Let’s face it. Learning French is easy…until you learn about the exceptions. And the exceptions to the exceptions and the exceptions to the exceptions exceptions. 

The good news? You don’t have to be a grammar expert to learn French. You just need to follow a proven methodology and a good teacher. 
Hi, my name is Loredane Nolent and I’m the founder of Komaï. I’m your new French teacher and I’m here to guide you. 
So you can start speaking French in record time. Without getting bogged down with complex grammar rules. 

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