Not sure what I do or how I can help you ma/mon cher?

My French online classes were designed to help learners at any level go beyond grammar.

Let’s be honest. Learning a new language is awesome. And fun. And Oui, it’s a bit scary too, and challenging but ultimately rewarding. 
If you’re still reading this it’s because you’ve made an important decision. Je ne parle pas français, mais je want to learn French this year. Really bad. 
Or perhaps you’ve been learning French for a while, but you feel stuck. You know the basics. You’ve memorized your French vocabulary. And you’ve practiced your grammar, but something doesn’t feel right. You’d love to improve your conversational skills rather than memorizing a bunch of rules. Because you still feel a bit scared to communicate with native French speakers. 
So the question now is, what next? Where to start? 
You’ve googled Learn French, but you’re still not sure what’s the right option for you. There are tons of options out there. Apps like FluentU, youtube channels like FrenchPod101, online language learning websites like italki, you name it. 
All these options are fine. But here’s the thing about them. 98% of these options are crafted for casual learners. Which is totally fine if you’re one of them. And if you don’t mind learning slowly and improving your French over months or years. 
If that’s the case, then I’ll be brutally honest. Komaï is probably not for you. 
So who is this for? 
Whether you’re a total beginner or an advanced learner, we offer our students three different options. From conversational online group classes to one-on-one private lessons via Zoom to recorded online classes. 
But no matter which option you choose, all Coach Language courses have one thing in common. They’re crafted for people who expect 4 things: a charismatic teacher, a casual vibe, real conversations in French, and fast results.

Learn Faster Thanks To Our Conversational Approach

Our classes are small, interactive and social. So you can have real conversations in French and learn everyday verbal speak and grammar.

Learn by doing

You won't get lost reading textbooks or sucked into becoming a grammar expert.

So what’s your story Loredane?

Coucou! I’m Loredane Nolent, Founder of Komaï + French Teacher

I was born in a city close to Lyon, France. I studied law in Paris, then moved to China for a year. I also lived in South Korea for half a year, then came back to my dear France for a degree in teaching. But life eventually brought me to Shanghai, where I've been living for the past 4 years. I’ve helped over 700 students from all over the World learn and improve how to speak French with more confidence. I've also helped them expand their knowledge of French culture and vocabulary. But the best part? My students always have a lot of fun during the process. I'd love to help you as well.

Your learning goals. Your schedule.