11 Tips For First Time Founders

Y Combinator recently published a collection of advice from some of their
portfolio-it was great,but very long.

Here is a summery of the top 11 tips,s\ stored by frequency

1. learn how to properly hire,manage and fire(and ,fire first)-its your core
(9 mentions)

2. ensure you have a geart relationship with co-founder and significant
others;deeply think about-and document-how you will handle future
(6 mentions)

3. define your customer very presily & really listion to them
(6 mentions)

4. avoid hiring too many people(e.g. interns) or over priced consultants
(5 mentions)

7. find the best process for making the "right" decisions at your company
(4 mentions)

8. be less adversarial/ learn how to take feedback well
(4 mentions)

9. take care of your self physically and mentally
(3 mentions)

10. adress the elephant in the room;don't be afraid to change course if
what you're doing is n't work
(3 mentions)

11. worry about money-and learn how to keep track of it
(2 mentions)

The full article can be found here.

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